Reliable appraisals of movable and immovable property

Our team of impartial, objective and committed appraisers are at your service for a reliable and accurate assessment of your property. Our work is free from prejudice, self-interest and personal preference. That's why we are the best-qualified professionals to provide a fair and informed opinion on the value of your movable and immovable property.

The team at Yvon Poulin & Associates remains up to date with the current trends and the market. We also have in-depth knowledge and the required expertise in law, architecture and urban planning.

Our 25 years of experience can be summed up by honesty and precision. As a result, the largest financial institutions frequently use our services. On the other hand, we carry out our job methodically to produce high-precision results.

Reliable appraisals of movable and immovable property - Levis, QC

How can we accurately assess a property? Our main strengths are experience, expertise and objectivity.

As such, we examine, study, estimate, reproduce the construction amounts and arrange different processes to carefully determine the value of the property.

We also use high-performance IT tools, a necessity for the clarity of our expertise.

After the evaluation, we will prepare a detailed report on the methodology used and the factors that allowed us to obtain the value of your property.

An official evaluation certificate will then be sent to you. We can also act as mediators or experts before the courts if the situation so requires.

Trust a winning team with the appraisal of your land, buildings, equipment and other properties in complete peace of mind!